15. Flipped Classroom-Video/Screencast Creation (2/2)

Video/Screencast Creation Tools

video 2 

Blog Post Agenda:
1. 9 Video/Screencast Creation Tools 🙂
2. Quick Tips for Creating Your Videos/Screencasts
3. Additional Resources for the Flipped Classroom
4. End-of-blog-post bonus (Simple K12)

Please visit my previous blog post 🙂 for more info regarding the Flipped Classroom model. Note that it contains EXCELLENT resources!!! Also, in order to make sense of this current blog post, you might need to read the first part published previously. You’ll find in my previous post:
1. What is the Flipped Classroom?
2. Five Ready-Made Flipped Classroom Resources
a) Khan Academy
b) TedEd
c) Learn Zillion
d) MobyMax
e) BrainPop and BrainPopJr.
3. Tools to create your own lessons/tutorials
4. End-of-blog-post bonus (Videonot.es)

1. 9 Video/Screencast Creation Tools

I have curated a set of web tools that can be used to create flipped classroom lectures and tutorials (screencasts or video tutorials) for students. These tools can be shared in various ways: burned on CDs, saved to flash drives, embedded on class blogs or wikis, shared through learning management systems, etc. Those of you who plan on employing the flipped learning model might find the following list of web tools very helpful.
1. Screencast-O-Matic   

Screencast-O-Matic is a very popular screencasting tool. It is free and easy to use. With one click users can start recording their screen and right from their browser on Windows or Mac and does not require any software installation. There’s a free and also a paid plan. With the free plan users can create up to 15-minute tutorials.

2. Screenr 


Once you access their home page you can watch a concise 1 minute tour to learn about its capabilities. It is an awesome web-based screen recorder which users can use to record tutorials (up to 5 minutes) and share them very easily. Users don’t need to install or download anything in order to use this tool. It works both on desktop computers or Macs, and they can be played on iPhone, too. The video tutorials can be share on all social media sites, websites, blogs, and can also be embedded.

3. Screenchomp


Screenchomp is another screencasting tool for the iPad. This app records touchscreen interactions and audio so users can share their ideas/lectures/tutorials.

4. Show me 

show me

ShowMe is an open online learning community. This iPad app lets teachers and students easily create and share video lessons. Using this app, students can be both consumers and producers of content and teachers can use it to create lessons, as well as to flip their classroom using ready-made videos found in its library.

5. Explain Everything ($2.99)

explain everything

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that allows users to annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Users can export MP4 movies, YouTube videos or save Explain Everything projects locally, to Google Drive, and to Dropbox. No account is necessary to use Explain Everything and share your projects.

6. aTube Catcher 

aTube catcher

aTube Catcher  allows users to make screencasts, podcasts, download videos from YouTube and other sharing sites, convert video to different formats, and burn videos to DVDs and CDs. Users can also use aTube Catcher in conjunction with Prezi.

7. Knowmia (Knowmia Teach)

Knowmia is a free video creation tool for teachers available for iOS devices (iPads). It is also a platform that teachers can use to create and personalize short video lessons for students. These video lessons are instantly added to the video lesson library. Check out a How-to Guide here http://www.knowmia.com/teachers#video-creation-guide

8. Camstudio


Camstudio is also a great free screencasting tool. It allows users to create video tutorials and share them through a generated link with others online.

9. Webinaria


Webinaria is another tool that teachers can use to create recordings of their desktop with audio lecture. It also allows its users to save and edit their recordings. Users can capture everything that happens on their screen or only a selected area.

Learning Management Systems

edmodo   schoology   moodle   blackboard 3

Learning Management Systems like Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, and Blackboard can facilitate the Flipped Classroom model implementation. They won’t help you create your video lectures or screencast tutorials, but they can serve as means to share your lessons with your students. Teachers can share lectures with their students, and students can access the material from home. Teachers can create classroom groups and give students access to them. Once there, they can participate in out-of class discussions, take polls, collaborate on assignments and class projects.

2. Quick tips for creating your videos/screencasts

If you want to create your own lessons as opposed to using ready-made resources like those featured in my previous blog post, you will need to keep in mind a few critical aspects.

Quick tips for creating your videos/screencasts:
-plan carefully
-write a script
-tailor your tutorial to your audience
-shoot skillfully in terms of sound, light,
-keep the format of your lectures consistent
-edit your tutorials as necessary for content, quality and lengths (not more than 15 minutes).

3. Additional Resources for the Flipped Classroom

a) For more tools to flip your classroom, check out the following list curated by Jake Duncan. 🙂
b) Ning for flipped classroom
 A ning is an online platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks; in other words, it is an online service to create, customize, and share a social network. It takes about 24 to 48 hours after you send the request to join this ning.
c) APPitic Flipped classroom
You can find some absolutely amazing resources here. 🙂

4. End-of-blog-post Bonus (Simple K12)

simple k12

SimpleK12 is an online, teacher-professional-development company. They have over 1,000 hours of self-paced, technology-related online courses regarding educational technologies and hundreds of live and recorded webinars. They also offer the opportunity to share resources and collaborate with thousands of educators around the world. It can become your most handy personal learning network (PLN). Simple K 12 sells many of their resources, but once in a while they offer them for free. So, if you are looking for free webinars or PD in your PJs, you may have the chance to learn a lot of things. I subscribed by email and when they have free webinars I love to have the opportunity to register and watch the webinars I am most interested in at that point.

They are offering five webinars about Flipped Classroom for free on Jan 25th, 2014; check them out here.

The following webinar, presented by Nikki Robertson, might be available to be accessed for free for a longer period of time. It is titled Flipping Your Classroom: It’s Easy with Khan Academy.

Until next time get creative, be inspired, and grow! 🙂

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