33. Global Project Opportunity

Hello global collaborators,

The Time Train project starts in 2 weeks! Want to join?
I was wondering if any teachers from other countries (other than the U.S. because we already have schools from several US States) would be interested in joining an exciting social studies project (time, continuity, and change standard). All resources and description can be found here: http://bit.ly/timetrain16. A number of schools have already joined, but a little more diversity with respect to the geographical location of the participating schools would make the learning experience even more valuable.

This is an exciting global project, called the Time Train project. We are a 4th grade classroom Qatar, Middle East and we are looking for students from 5-6 countries to join us. It’s around Social Studies content (time, continuity and change), and basically, the students need to create 2 videos: one of their country long ago, and one of their country today). When all participating countries are done, they can create a Time Train route around the globe using Google Tour Builder just by embedding these videos; so viewers can “take a trip” back and forth in time and watch students’ presentations (Google Tour Builder provides the visual: showing the location of the students who created the videos). The Time Train project http://bit.ly/timetrain16  can be found here and it also includes a sample Google Tour Builder project (the sample has just students’ written comments, but this project would be more lively since the students will be producing videos). So, the two videos are pretty much all you need; at the end, one school (and that can be us) can put the videos together and create the tour for all the participating countries.

We are looking for any teachers of grade 4-8th students from around the globe who would be interested in participating to join us; potential implementation time frame is mid-February-end of March. Please let me know. By accessing the link you can find the form that you need to fill out to express your interest (under the teacher resources tab).

Thank you,

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