38. Engagement in Hybrid Learning? Show Us How?

Presentation at the Teaching and Learning Forum, Qatar, 2020

Student engagement is key when it comes to learning. But how can we engage students now when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education like never before?

I am sharing here with you the presentation I designed and delivered at the Teaching and Learning Forum, Qatar, 2020, titled “Engagement in Hybrid Learning? Show us How!”

The Teaching & Learning Forum 2020 provided a virtual platform for international educators and leaders across Qatar to address the theme Education for Resilience. This was an opportunity to examine innovative solutions in education and collaboratively unpack the question:

How do we make learning sustainable post COVID-19?

Teaching and Learning Forum, Qatar, 2020 (EDI)

The presentation was delivered interactively using the PearDeck add on.

Providing education opportunities is something we can and should do no matter what. Education is a fundamental human right, even in pandemic times!

What do you think? How can educators promote engagement in Hybrid Learning?



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